Women United®

Leadership. Advocacy. Diversity. Philanthropy.

Welcome to Women United®!

We are a a global force of over 70,000 women leaders and growing. We are dedicated to creating a world full of opportunity—for everyone.

We want to inspire generations of women leaders to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. 

What We Do

Women United® is a critical
community within United
Way that fights for the
health, education, and
financial stability of every
person in every community.

Women United® goes beyond
giving an annual financial
contribution, by also investing
our time and talent to address
our communities’ most critical

How We Do It


We win by forging unlikely
partnerships. By finding
new solutions to old
problems. By mobilizing
the best resources. And
inspiring women to LIVE
UNITED against a
common foe: each
community’s most
daunting social crises.

Women United® focuses on
specific causes that
enhance the impact of
United Way as a whole
across all our communities.

Why It Matters


We create positive change
- community by community -

that improves the conditions
in which people live, for
years to come.

Women United® members are
at the forefront of United
Way’s movement to build
stronger communities.
Together, we’re transforming
our communities, and the
world, for the better.

At Foothills United Way, we tackle the issues that matter most to the people who call our community home. We invest our time, talent, and resources to transform the very conditions in which people live - for years to come.

 Women United®

is a diverse, vibrant community within United Way, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging — to each other, to the organization’s mission, and to the communities we call home.

We are a powerful, global network of women leaders, with 70,000+ leaders in Women United® in more than 165 communities in six countries. 

With global reach and deep roots in each community we serve, we are able to create lasting change on a scale that no single individual or organization could achieve on their own. 

We recruit women leaders who contribute their personal passions, best ideas, and unique strengths to the mission of building stronger communities and tailor solutions to address the particular needs and aspirations of each community we serve. 

We Invite you 

to join a network of tireless champions dedicated

to creating a better life and a stronger community. For everyone.

CONTACT: Cori Deterding Senior Manager,
Donor Engagement