Tocqueville Society 

The Foothills United Way Tocqueville Society aims to change lives through philanthropic leadership focused on leading-edge solutions that represent coordinated, evidence-based action.


“We appreciate the new direction of Foothills United Way, focusing on priorities where there is significant need – and where a major impact can be made and measured.”

- Terry Hefty

“During our 3-year flood recovery, United Way built and led the partnership that helped 1,300 households.  We need United Way to drive strong collaboratives against major challenges now and in the future.  And with the benefit of a 50% Colorado tax credit, it’s difficult to imagine a more efficient use of one’s philanthropic dollars.”

- Scott Herrin

“Foothills United Way is an essential part of our community.  It serves as a bridge between the private and public sectors, making sure they work together so there’s a balanced, coordinated response to the issues we care about most.”

- Rob Kaufman

Join a global network of philanthropic leaders who are engaged locally to create positive, long-lasting change.

Join The Tocqueville Society

The Tocqueville Society is a powerful group of philanthropic leaders who invest $10,000 or more annually in Foothills United Way. The  Foothills United Way Tocqueville Society has been growing rapidly and has tripled in size. While sharing a collective passion for making a difference by investing in the community, these leaders of the community devote time, talent, and funds to create long-lasting changes by tackling our communities’ most serious issues.

Your Tocqueville Society donation to Foothills United Way can be applied to promote child care programs in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Foothills United Way can provide you a 50% Colorado state tax credit for your contribution. 


For more information please contact:

Chelsea Carver

Vice President, Resource Development
Phone: 303.561.2351

“If we want to have a real impact in our community, we need to look outside the box for innovative solutions and ways of thinking. Foothills United Way is doing just that: forging a new path, building partnerships and creating a strong foundation for positive change in our community.”

- Geoff Keys

Membership Benefits

• Joining a global network of philanthropic leaders who are engaged locally to create positive, long-lasting change

• Gathering for informal discussions with elected leaders, economic experts, and innovators

• Invitations to attend national, regional, and worldwide gatherings of Tocqueville and Million-Dollar Roundtable Members

Who Was Alexis de Tocqueville?

From politicians to students to journalists, the words of the French aristocrat, Alexis de Tocqueville have engaged many for decades. In 1984, United Way of America chose the name Tocqueville Society because of Tocqueville's admiration for the spirit of American volunteerism and its effect on the common good. He was recognized as a symbol of the true spirit of volunteerism that lives in America's heart. Tocqueville Society members exemplify that spirit of good and of philanthropy in its most generous form, while also recognizing local philanthropic leaders and volunteer champions around the world, who have devoted their time, talent, and funds to create long-lasting changes by tackling our communities most serious issues. 

"Revving Up For the Future"

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent Tocqueville event “Revving Up for the Future!” Supporters and friends from Boulder and Broomfield Counties gathered to celebrate our impact in early childhood success while admiring unique and vintage cars.

This event focused on our Dream Big collaborative, a partnership of 9 organizations working to develop a streamlined approach for the success of all children in our community. Did you know that 1 in 4 children in our area live at or near the poverty line? With your help we can continue to raise awareness and support for our work, ensuring that all children in our community have access to the resources they need to succeed.

We are proud to have incredible members of our Tocqueville Society who generously support the collaborative work at Foothills United Way. Special thanks to Terry and Noel Hefty for graciously hosting this event.