Thank you for joining the Tocqueville Society with Foothills United Way. 

You are a part of a worldwide group of philanthropists who are making the most significant impacts in our community. 


You are a leader in the effort to drive collaborative action across Boulder and Broomfield counties with an emphasis on strengthening families for early childhood success, working toward attainable housing for all, and ensuring residents are prepared for crisis through strong community resilience.


Foothills United Way is tackling the most challenging issues facing Boulder and Broomfield counties, and you are a leader in the effort to help guarantee that this work moves forward. The collaborative efforts we fund accomplish more than any single organization could do alone. That is why we are supporting innovative, collaborative solutions that encourage organizations to work together and produce measurable results that make our community a better place to live and work.

We will be in contact with any requested information. 


Doug Yeiser President & CEO

& The Foothills United Way Team