Funding collaborative efforts and community partnerships.

In 2015 we surveyed the community, talked with local governments, conversed with thought leaders to change the way we fund our community. Our Community Impact committee developed a system to fund community initiatives in which multiple people were working together. We are focusing our funding on the three community chosen priority areas of Early Childhood Success, Attainable Housing, and Community Resilience. 

Funding Priority Areas

Early Childhood Success

Giving families the tools necessary to ensure children succeed. Serving the children who are faced everyday with an achievement and opportunity gap.

Attainable Housing

Everyone in our community has a right to a place they call home. Protecting the 2,300 children that will experience homelessness this year. 

Community Resilience

Preparing for life's challenges. To help guarantee everyone is safe from daily challenges to major natural disasters. 

Grant Opportunities 

In order to invest in the resources and relationships necessary to realize Foothills United Way’s vision of a community working together in which all people can reach their full potential, we offer four types of grants that allow conversations to happen, deepen collaboration efforts, grow community initiatives and make communities resilient.


Community Resilience Grants

Foothills United Way is targeting the development of community resilience by awarding grants to partners able to address the needs of residents vulnerable to or living in crisis because of a deficiency in both resources and relationships. Additional information will be available in late spring.


Community Conversation Grants  

Bringing people together to hear about their vision for their community requires an investment in hospitality. These grants can be used to cover costs for things like meeting space, refreshments, childcare, transportation assistance or facilitation necessary to host Community Conversations.


Emerging Partnership Planning Grants

These grants support groups with costs related to strategic planning consultation and facilitation, convening partners, documentation of planning and creating an information sharing system for their partnership. 


Impact Initiative Grants 

Foothills United Way intends to drive community transformation through grants to groups with Live United Collaboration status to cover direct program implementation, initiative backbone functions and paid staff time to coordinate collaborative program planning and service delivery.