About Us


A community working together in which all people can achieve their full potential.




  • Identify community priority needs and desired outcomes. 

  • Unite community resources in pursuit of agreed-upon goals

  • Take action

Working in

Allenspark, Boulder, Broomfield,Erie, Gold Hill, Jamestown, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Nederland, and Superior.

Serving Community With Community.

At Foothills United Way, we are leading the
charge to bring collaborative programming to
Boulder and Broomfi eld counties. We bring
together thought leaders and organizations
across our community who provide the
passion, expertise, and resources needed to
get things done. We create the newest and
most innovative solutions for our community
based on proven and accountable research.
Our core focus areas are dedicated to long
term achievement within early childhood
success, attainable housing, and community

Serving Boulder and Broomfield Counties

Foothills United way has been serving Boulder and Broomfield counties since 1922. Our offices are located in Lafayette, Colorado where our team can effectively serve every community in our area. When you support Foothills United Way, you support long term impact in early childhood success, attainable housing, and community resilience in the community where you live, work or play. 

Visit us at 1285 Cimarron Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026.

Our Impact


Foothills United Way is guided by a vision and mission that focuses on building a community working together to address the most pressing needs in Boulder and Broomfield counties. This means identifying priorities and building collaborative strategies in pursuit of that objective. United Way is re-focusing resources on strengthening families for early childhood success, helping to ensure safe and attainable housing and being prepared for life's challenges - large disasters and small -through galvanized community resilience. 



Our Organizational Values

Success in achieving our vision will require working closely with the residents and our community partners throughout Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Foothills United Way is committed to ensuring that these efforts are always:


bringing together all the necessary community partners to identify and address important community issues. 


so that we meet community needs before they become community crises.



rather than satisfied with perpetuating the status quo. 



because being collaborative, proactive and solution-oriented requires inspiration and creativity. 



 to donors, service providers and the community based on measurable outcomes, and



 because the relationships Foothills United Way relies on to accomplish its work begin and end with the trust of its partners. 


2018 Annual Report