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“Just Say Yes!”
Our region’s biggest annual demonstration of community caring just occurred last Friday, Sept 8.  Foothills United Way’s Day of Caring deployed 1,100 hard-working volunteers to 64 community work sites all across Boulder and Broomfield counties.  We delivered over $114,000 worth of free labor to community organizations and nonprofits from Longmont to Nederland and every place in between!
With so many teams of volunteers giving of their time, and so many companies investing  time in the Day of Caring, we always pair up a few United Way board members and staff on fast-paced itineraries to get out to a string of project sites and say “Thank You” in person while folks are in the midst of their  volunteer work.  On one of those 15-minute stops, as we thanked the US Bank crew for their work on a Habitat For Humanity house, the site supervisor needed an extra hand and asked if we would help install insulation.  We said “Yes” even though it would throw us off schedule, and we picked up the fiberglass and got busy.  
The point of the story is, it’s just that easy to get involved in your community!   The chance to help may not be part of your plan for the day, but opportunities present themselves and we’re usually better for accepting them.  That’s what living united is about.  We each may contribute something relatively small, but when those actions are combined, the sum total can be big, like a new house for a hard-working family.
There’s a lot of power in uniting our efforts, our time, our money.  Some of the biggest challenges in our community can only be overcome if we invest TOGETHER.  Join us in something major, something worthwhile, something that could not happen otherwise!  
Thank you to everyone who invested your time in the lives of our friends and neighbors to make this place we live even better at Day of Caring 2017!   Your contributions to Foothills United Way make collaborative efforts like this possible!