The Right Kind of Investment

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Foothills United Way’s commitment to community resilience is strong!  With our latest round of awards, we have now invested in a dozen ground-breaking Resilience projects that are unique because they provide a permanent impact with a one-time investment.  Congratulations to the creative problem-solvers in our community that have identified a need and designed a solution that works with a single investment!  Foothills United Way is proud to make these life-changing solutions reality!
Just like a strong retirement savings portfolio, we make sure we put the right blend of investments into our community to produce the greatest return.  Resilience projects can bring immediate and lasting returns with a one-time grant.  On the other hand, our Collaborative Initiatives are the critical building blocks for our community’s future, and garner our largest grants.  Why?  When dealing with the most challenging problems, individual organizations just can’t get to scale.  The solutions have to be sophisticated and multi-pronged if they’re to be effective against complex problems.  
In our collaborative initiatives like Dream Big, we’re driving schools, nonprofits, government agencies and others to act together to address the multitude of issues involved in housing and early childhood success.  These larger, longer-term investments demonstrate the power that comes from multiple organizations combining their assets and talents to make an impact bigger than any single entity could accomplish alone.  It is this kind of combined strength that will allow our community to break through some of our toughest challenges!  Invest with us in something big, and accomplish a future for a child or a family that can’t happen otherwise!