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Foothills United Way values the trust its donors place in the organization and adheres to the highest standards in gathering, using and safeguarding customer information. This includes all of the donor’s personal and gift information. Because of this trust, United Way will not rent or sell any information about its donors.
Foothills United Way only gathers personally identifiable data (examples: addresses, zip codes, email addresses) when voluntarily submitted by you or your company. Except as stated herein, Foothills United Way will not disclose, sell, share, trade, or rent any personally identifiable data collected. This information is used by your company's payroll administrator (for payroll deductions), Foothills United Way, or a secure online merchant bank (for credit cards & e-checks) for the purpose of executing the transaction. Foothills United Way may use your information for other internal purposes, including communications to make you aware of how your donations are being spent, events, newsletters, and other general information relating to Foothills United Way.  
Within our organization, access to confidential information is limited to those who need it to perform their jobs. We have physical security in our building, restrict access and require passwords to protect our network, applications, files, and databases, and we maintain state-of-the-art virus detection software and devices.  Employees are subject to confidentiality agreements.
We allow access to your information to auditors only as mandated by regulatory requirements. The only other outside party who may receive your information, limited only to name and address, is the recipient you may name for any designated funds contributed by you in order to allow the recipient agency to thank you for your gift.
If you have any questions about United Way’s privacy policy please contact info@unitedwayfoothills.org
Definition of conflict of interest:   A conflict of interest arises when a person in a position of authority over the Organization may benefit financially from a decision he or she could make in that capacity, including indirect benefits such as to family members or businesses with which the person is closely associated.  This policy is focused upon the material financial interest of, or benefit to, such persons.
To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest which would tarnish the image of the Organization and undermine the public's trust in all United Way organizations, Foothills United Way (FHUW) representatives:
Avoid any activity or outside interest, which conflicts or appears to conflict with the best interest of FHUW.  Any involvement with a current or potential FHUW vendor, grantee, or competing organization may violate this code and should be discussed with the FHUW President, who, in turn, will bring such matters to the Audit Committee as appropriate.
* Refrain from participating in any policy or funding discussion (without prior approval of the Board Chair) or influencing any decision or other action of FHUW that could result in a direct or indirect benefit to his or her family or any organization with which he or she is substantially affiliated.
* As Staff and Board will disclose significant business and/or familial relationships with other members of the Staff or Board.
Will recuse himself or herself in the case of a conflict of interest and will not vote on such matters. 

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