Picture Perfect

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           A new lifestyle came with many positives for Maye Cordero. Having grown up in Puerto Rico and receiving her bachelor’s degree from Sagrado Corazon University, Maye knew she wanted a different future for herself. In 2010, she made the bold move to Florida to begin her Masters in Media Design from Full Sail University, Florida. Soon after, Maye ventured out to Boulder, Colorado and became aware of Foothills United Way’s and Boulder County Community Action Programs' PIE (Personal Investment Enterprise) program. She had hopes of opening her very own photography business, but understood she couldn’t do it alone. “It was a win-win,” said Maye. “While in the PIE program, I learned how to run my own business in the United States, and I received matching funds to make my business possible.” With guidance from her Small Business Development Center mentor, Jesse Esparza, Maye received not only support, but peace of mind in the program. Maye was grateful to encounter others, who wanted her and her business to succeed.

            Even though Maye's passion is portrait style photography, she now captures shots from Colorado's nature, while bringing the photos to life with her artistic eye. After saving through the PIE program, she was able to purchase new items – a camera, lenses, a computer, editing software, and reflectors - for her photography business. Maye, also has hopes to soon find the picture perfect place to have her photography studio.

            After graduating from the PIE program, her mentor, Jesse, extended her the opportunity to become a mentor to new PIE participants. Maye saw this as her chance to spread the word about the PIE program and to encourage others through the process. “I just want to say thank you to those who fund this awesome program; I couldn’t have done it alone,” said Maye. “It is so refreshing to know that there are organizations and people out there that are willing to help others succeed.”

“You have to try the PIE program!” - Maye


The Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) program is a local savings program provided through Community Action Programs of Boulder County and Foothills United Way. The program is designed for low-income families to enroll in financial literacy classes and save through a matched saving account at a rate of 4 to 1. The first step in applying to the program is to attend an orientation meeting with Nino Gallo at Community Action Programs at Boulder County. Nino may be reached at 303-441-3998 or at ngallo@bouldercounty.org.For more information on the PIE program visit http://www.bouldercounty.org/family/financial/pages/pie.aspx or http://foothillsunitedway.typepad.com/pieblog/