Partnership To Provide All-Weather Radios In Vulnerable Mountain Communities

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As Boulder County’s mountain communities continue to rebuild and recover from last September’s historic flooding, a key priority is to build community resilience and emergency preparedness. Foothills United Way has been embedded in the mountain communities since the Fourmile Canyon fire of 2010.

Foothills United Way’s Boulder Mountain Resources partners with the Boulder County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the Intermountain Alliance (IMA), consisting of representatives from over eight mountain communities, to determine the unique needs of mountain residents. Following the county’s OEM recommendation, the communities needed to procure a large number of all-weather radios programmed to receive All-Hazard Notifications providing geographic, region specific, emergency information. These weather radios are especially useful because electricity, landlines, and cell phones are unreliable during disasters in rural mountain communities.

(Above: Randy Lee, Town of Nederland Trustee) 
In the spirit of collaboration, Midland Radio offered to provide 100 all-weather radios at a 50% discount and the American Red Cross generously contributed the remaining cost for the radios. The American Red Cross’s substantial financial assistance was paid for by funds raised in Colorado specifically for flood support. The Midland Radios will enable the remote mountain communities to receive real-time alerts regarding weather, fire, flood, evacuation, etc.  Timely warnings make the difference between life and death in disaster scenarios.

These radios are now being distributed to mountain community leaders directly engaged in emergency preparedness planning in Allenstown, Gold Hill, Fourmile Canyon, Jamestown, Lefthand Canyon, Lyons, Nederland, Raymond/Riverside, Salina and Ward.

Partnerships like this one, between the American Red Cross, Midland Radio, and Foothills United Way, will certainly strengthen the often vulnerable mountain communities in Colorado. The American Red Cross and Foothills United Way are proud to deliver essential solutions to our community and will continue our collaborative work to keep Coloradans safe and prepared.  

Every family should have a 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit which includes a battery-powered all-weather radio and spare batteries. To learn more about building a kit to help you before, during, and after a disaster visit one of the following websites:

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Boulder County:

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