Mental Health Voucher Program Continues To Help Flood Affected Individuals And Families

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One year after historic floods affected a third of Colorado’s counties, Foothills United Way continues to serve individuals and families affected throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties.

Within weeks of the devastating flood in 2013, Foothills United Way quickly allocated funding from the Foothills Flood Relief Fund to offer mental health vouchers for mountain community residents. Amy Hardy, Boulder Mountain Resource Program Manager, led the charge by handling all of the initial distribution and administration for the first 180 clients. Amy initially pioneered the mental health voucher program to support victims of the Fourmile Canyon Fire in 2011.

Thousands of residents have experienced severe devastation; the loss of homes, personal possessions, livelihoods, family photographs, all washed away by the storm. No one who experiences a disaster is untouched by it, everyone is affected.

It was more than clear from the initial response that all communities needed access to mental health services and that the mental health voucher program was a very successful model. Boulder Mountain resources collaborated with the Long-Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County (LTFRG) and Mental Health Partners to establish a mental health subcommittee and secured $275,000 in program funding for the voucher program. Through this partnership the mental health voucher program became available to all flood affected individuals and families outside of mountain communities.

The feedback from the community and therapists alike has been incredibly positive. “Everyone is very grateful for the program, specifically because it allows flexibility in that folks can see the therapist of their choice provided they are licensed or registered,” said Amy. 

Just about $79,000 is still available to the community through the mental health voucher program. Flood affected residents interested in more information should contact the LTFRG. 303-442-2178