Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Recognized For Dedication & Support

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Foothills United Way’s Mountain Resource Coordinator and Inter Mountain Alliance (IMA) Chair, Amy Hardy, and Boulder County Commissioner, Deb Gardner, recognized Boulder County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (BCARES) for their dedication and support to the Mountain Emergency Radio Network (MERN) at their annual board meeting.  Joe Callahan, BCARES’ liaison to the Inter Mountain Alliance, has worked endlessly to integrate the two organizations. BCARES has graciously donated instructor time, infrastructure equipment, and radios in order to help create a solid network of HAM radio operators in the mountains.

BCARES is a volunteer organization of licensed Amateur Radio enthusiasts formed for the expressed purpose of providing communication and public service pertaining to the protection of life and/or property, in support of local, state, and federal agencies that may need supplemental communication in times of natural or man-made events. MERN currently has 60 FCC licensed HAM radio operators and an additional 11 are signed up to obtain licensure this February.

BCARES and MERN are essential in our community for their pioneering and continuing efforts to promote and support emergency preparedness capabilities for the mountain communities in Boulder County. Thank you BCARES!