High-Impact Community Initiatives Framework

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Executive Summary

Foothills United Way is committed to working with Community Leaders to grow and sustain high-impact community initiatives in the Boulder-Broomfield region. To guide that work, we have created this framework to describe the best practices for collaborative efforts. We see these as the necessary elements for working toward meaningful change together. To learn more about Foothills United Way's Framework, click here.

Setting a Shared Intention

Successful initiatives embrace the challenge of aligning different agendas by identifying the shared intention for the community.

Internal and External Communications

Participants in initiatives must be thoughtful about how to create opportunities for the frequent sharing of information, which will allow for partnerships to anticipate potential pitfalls, identify potential resources and work more efficiently.

Learning and Innovation 

Solving complex problems requires innovation and a commitment to learn what is and is not working.

Include All Voices

Convene all organizations and community members whose work and lives are influenced by an issue and those who can make a difference.

Leverage All Community Assets

Initiatives need strategies that engage non-profits, governments, school districts, faith communities, businesses and community members to influence all the factors that contribute to the problem at hand.