Reflecting on September's Wake Up with Foothills United Way

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Reflecting on September’s Wake Up with Foothills United Way

Wake Up with Foothills United Way showcased exactly what our organization is about: collaboration. Edie Ortega, Board Chair, and Doug Yeiser, CEO and President of Foothills United Way, led the discussion and shared with attendees everything that Foothills United Way is working on. The conversation began with volunteerism and how Foothills United Way helps organize and distribute volunteers to places in need. Attendees and speakers then started brainstorming ways they can collaborate to help nonprofit organizations and get more volunteers into the community. A nonproft and university partner were among those who attended; the discussion on collaboration helped spark ideas on more ways that the two partners can utilize Foothills United Way and each other. Overall, the event had innovative and thoughtful ideas passed around and proved that Wake Up with Foothills United Way is the perfect place to network! You won’t want to miss the next delicious breakfast and powerful discussion!! Check our calendar for the upcoming Wake Up with Foothills United Way event.