Delayed Gifts Paid

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Foothills United Way was forced to delay payments of designated gifts (pledges that are restricted by donors to specific nonprofit organizations) due to an unexpected software problem requiring labor-intensive examination and reconciliation of individual payees and gifts.  These gifts have now been reconciled and paid.  Foothills United Way is dedicated to ensuring 100% accuracy of funds managed, and we apologize for this delay and any confusion it may have caused. 

Payments were made electronically or sent via U.S. mail on January 30 and Feb 4, 2015.  In the future, designated gifts will be disbursed electronically on a quarterly basis, and in the event a check is required semi-annually. If you have any questions about these gifts, please contact Doug Yeiser at (303) 444-4013.  We take very seriously the responsibility of managing contributions in an accurate and timely fashion.  We appreciate your understanding and support!