Boulder County Community Forms Collaborative For Flood Recovery

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Long-Term Flood Recovery Group to Focus on Individual Assistance

Lafayette, Colo., (November 15, 2013)— Private and public sector individuals within Boulder County have formed the Long-Term Flood Recovery Group, whose mission will be to address the unmet needs of Boulder County residents impacted by the flood by bringing together key stakeholders to leverage resources and deliver flood assistance to those in need. The group will be chaired by Rob Katz, chairman and chief executive officer of Vail Resorts, and David Friedman, founder of Sandy River Company, and include representation from nonprofits, faith-based institutions, businesses, state, county and local government, community organizations and private individuals. Funding for the recovery efforts will come from the Foothills Flood Relief Fund’s remaining $2,700,000.00, plus additional funds from national foundations and private individuals.  

A Coordinating Committing will lead the group’s initiatives with subcommittees including: Needs Assessment, Housing, Community Wellness and Resiliency, Communications, Volunteer Care and Finance, with participation from a wide range of Boulder residents.  
“This collaboration of public and private sector leaders will help communities in Boulder County respond to unmet recovery needs with vision and strategic alignment of resources,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “With Rob and David at the helm of the Long-Term Recovery Group, we are confident this group will help build a stronger, more resilient infrastructure throughout the county’s most devastated areas.”
Rob Katz, co-chair of the Long-Term Recovery Group, added “I’m proud to work alongside this impressive collaborative to restore the lives of those individuals and families still suffering from the disaster.”
President of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, Josie Heath, stated, “Yesterday’s launch was a testament to the caring nature of our community to have over one hundred people commit to guide this work over the next several years.”
Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones added, “The task of rebuilding Boulder County is enormous. The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group demonstrates how we can accomplish more when we work together.”
Foothills United Way’s Doug Yeiser said, “Our residents deserve a collaborative effort that delivers all available resources, not just what a single organization or government entity can bring to the table alone.”
Individuals, small businesses, and organizations impacted by the flood will learn how to submit requests for assistance in the coming days.
Coordinating Committee Members
David Friedman, co-chair
Rob Katz, co-chair
Mathew Appelbaum, mayor of Boulder
Christine Berg, representative of Jared Polis
Dennis Coombs, mayor of Longmont
Cindy Domenico, Boulder County commissioner
Marcelo Ferreira, Boulder County Office of Emergency Management
Emily Flemming, Lyons Community Church
Mike Foote, Colorado House District 12
Deb Gardner, Boulder County commissioner
Josie Heath, president of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
Tara Schoedinger, mayor of Jamestown
Jonathon Singer, CO House District 11  
Mark Udall, Office of U.S. senator
Julie Van Domelen, mayor of Lyons
Doug Yeiser, president and CEO of Foothills United Way