Five Days, 270 Volunteers, 1000 Hours Of Service In Boulder County

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Cravings for ice cream and urges to visit Water World are strong indicators that summer has arrived in Colorado. For most of us, summer is an opportunity to take a break, enjoy the outdoors and maybe even travel.

For Foothills United Way’s Volunteer Connection and the Boulder County Long Term Flood Recovery group, summer means the weather is good for working outdoors and that volunteers  arrive by the busload.

In the last five days approximately 270 volunteers are out and about in Longmont, Boulder, Lefthand Canyon and Fourmile Canyon.  Nearly 35 homeowners have received volunteer assistance with debris removal, landscaping, painting, minor home repair and drywall. 

Because the work is endless for homeowners affected by the flood last September, Volunteer Connection continues to help people coordinate resources that can assist with mold remediation, drywall, insulation and outdoor drainage problems.  All of the hard work in structuring and organizing the volunteer aspect of flood recovery is in full swing. 

Patty, a Longmont resident that received help this week was so overwhelmed with the kindness and support she received she went to Facebook in order to personally express how thankful she is to receive volunteer help.

“This morning promptly at 9am, a full sized tour bus pulled up in front of my house and out stepped about 20 young men and women from a Lutheran Church in Minnesota… In the 6 hours they were here, they: rebuilt my 18ft x 18ft elevated rose garden, put two coats of Kilz on my concrete basement walls… put sheetrock on the walls of my stairs leading into the basement… moved three cubic yards of river rock from where the flood left it to spots in my yard where it would be more useful, cleaned the brick walkway and patio in my backyard from overgrown weeds and flood mud… hauled brick, shoveled dirt, and then thanked ME for the opportunity to help. It was hard not to cry as I hugged each of them,” wrote Patty!

In addition, the week prior, 28 volunteers worked in Salina while and additional 24 volunteers worked in upper Lefthand Canyon. This group also worked on reframing the garage doors on the Gold Hill Fire Station. Another 30 volunteers spent the week working with homeowners in the Streamcrest neighborhood at the bottom of Lefthand Canyon.

A sincere THANK YOU from Foothills United Way to each and every volunteer who dedicates their time to making our community a great place to live!

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