Emerging Partnership Planning Grant

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LAFAYETTE, COLORADO - Our Foothills United Way family is excited to award Boulder and Broomfield Counties Family Resource Center (FRC) Network, our first ever Emerging Partnership Planning Grant! This network is comprised of Sister Carmen Community Center, Emergency Family Assistance Association, OUR Center, and Broomfield FISH. With this type of grant, Foothills United Way seeks to promote collaborative work by investing in promising partnerships that have the capacity to achieve more impact than individual efforts. Because working collaboratively requires more energy and coordination, Foothills United Way firmly believes that advancing our community’s ability to work more closely together, reducing duplication, and sharing best practices will help to grow healthy partnerships.

       Each of these four organizations represents a different demographic across Boulder and Broomfield counties. This partnership recognizes that lives don’t stop and start at county lines and neither should helping others. This $9,825 grant will help the network build a synchronized set of goals, consistent staff training, and learn to function cohesively. This scale of efficiency will also allow delivery of coordinated services through a common methodology across local communities. These four organizations will constantly be learning from each others’ successes and challenges; we believe this will create long-lasting ties and a reliance on one another. The Boulder and Broomfield FRC Network serves as an innovative model for other organizations who too seek to work collaboratively. 

Collaborative Partners : Sister Carmen Community Center, Emergency Family Assistance Association, OUR Center, Broomfield FISH