Community Resilience

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Community Resilience

As much as any community organization in this region, Foothills United Way understands the importance of being ready for anything. We have stepped up to play an active role in disaster response and recovery over the last decade as our neighbors have been impacted by major fires and a historic flood. 
Goals: Build a more resilient community by connecting with strong resources and developing a system that responds to community shocks and stressors effectively and efficiently. 
Our Strategy: Taking a leadership role in facilitating community relationships and growing the capacity of partners to meet basic needs. Nonprofits, faith communities and public agencies are involved in non-stop work to serve vulnerable individuals and families. These are the very partners that we rely on to respond to community shocks and stressors.



Individual households and their readiness to respond to emergencies

Community members working together to respond to and recover from emergencies

Disaster-specific functions

Merging of the other community efforts that build social, economic and health well-being

Government’s response in the first few days and weeks after a disaster

Diverse network of government and nongovernmental organizations in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disaster

Emergency plans and supplies only

Collaboration and engagement of the whole community for problem-solving

Self-sufficient individuals or households

Self-sufficient community through neighbor-to-neighbor connections and strong social networks