Community Resilience

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What is Resilience? The measure of the sustained ability of a community to utilize available resources and to respond to, withstand, and recover from adverse situations.
Foothills United Way learned the importance of taking a leadership role and establishing a presence in our disaster affected communities after the Fourmile Canyon Fire in 2011 and the flood disaster of 2013. With this rich experience of responding to the community in crises, it is clear that community collaboration is vital in preparing for and responding any future emergencies. With this new perspective, Foothills United Way's Boulder Mountain Resources program broadened its scope to strengthen community resilience throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties; this program is now called Foothills United Way's Community Resilience program.
Foothills United Way's Community Resilience program is designed to: 
  • Foster a culture of emergency preparedness in our community to enable our neighbors to adequately respond to any kind of major disaster or crisis in the future.
  • Strengthen the network of safety-net agencies prepared to immediately serve individuals and families affected by natural and manmade disasters or crises.
  • Provide appropriate public support during disaster by coordinating with emergency management, philanthropic groups, governmental agencies and the non-profit community.
  • Strengthen the existing network of agencies that promotes resilience to community stressors in the most vulnerable areas throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties.
  • Serve as a local and national information resource for community development foundations and non-profits with regard to strengthening community resilience.

Amy Hardy, a long-time mountain resident, is the Director of Community Resilience for Foothills United Way. Please don’t hesitate to contact Amy with any questions or comments at
or 303-895-3418.


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