Community Basics

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Foothills United Way Focus on Community Basics

Foothills United Way's emphasis on Community Basics is designed to stabilize individuals and families in crisis with a safety net of critical services.

  • In January 2011, 1,550 homeless people were counted. 61% counted were homeless families.

  • Local applications to assistance programs such as Food Stamps, TANF, Medicaid and CHP+ all increased between 2006 and 2011.

  • The population of Coloradans ages 65 to 74 is expected to grow 7% annually through 2020. 29% of seniors report at least one disability.

  • Nearly one in five families in Boulder County reported difficulty in accessing low-cost food.

Foothills United Way works to change these community conditions by:

  • Develop more access to immediate, short-term shelter for homeless or near-homeless people.

  • Increase the percentage of people accessing community basics programs and social benefits programs.

  • Assist seniors live independently by increasing access to community based services.

  • Increase awareness and access to personal safety services.