City awards $100,000 to Foothills United Way for Personal Investment Enterprise program

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


City awards $100,000 to Foothills United Way for Personal Investment Enterprise program


The City of Boulder is expanding its partnership with Foothills United Way’s Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE), a program addressing economic disparity by providing low-income residents with 4 to 1 matched savings grants. This funding will allow Foothills United Way in partnership with Boulder County Community Action Program to continue addressing poverty by empowering individuals to have greater economic stability.

The funding will continue collaborative programming serving low-income residents pursuing post-secondary education, small business development and home ownership. PIE is an upstream investment in our communities: by planning for the future, participants learn how to save money, open a bank account, set financial goals, purchase a home, start their own business or continue their education.

“This program aligns with the city’s goal of expanding economic mobility and helping to ensure equal access to economic opportunities,” said Karen Rahn, human services director with the City of Boulder. “By awarding this grant to PIE, we are helping to ensure families and individuals will have continued access to economic opportunities that supports their long-term success.”

The PIE program is a community collaboration with an 83 percent success rate among participants. Since 2001, the program, in partnership with multiple agencies, has enabled 294 individuals and households to purchase assets. These successes include 120 homes purchased, 107 higher education investments and 67 businesses that have been developed or strengthened.

“We recognize the importance of working in partnership to invest in our community,” said Foothills United Way CEO Doug Yeiser. “Through collaborative programming we can achieve much more than we would as individual organizations. We are thrilled to be awarded this grant to continue one of our most successful collaboratives and continue giving individuals access to economic stability.”



About Foothills United Way

At Foothills United Way we are leading collaborative programs for Boulder and Broomfield counties, engaging thought leaders and organizations across our community who provide the passion, expertise, and resources needed to get things done. We determine our community’s needs based in proven and accountable research for the newest and most innovative solutions. Our core focus areas are dedicated to long term achievement within early childhood success, attainable housing, and community resilience. United we win.

About City of Boulder

The City of Boulder is committed to creating paths for long-term success for low-income residents through Department of Human Services initiatives, including establishing a city organization living wage; providing over $5 million annually to community organizations that support the health and well-being of children, families and older adults; providing child care subsidies; and supporting programs and housing that provide exits from homelessness.