Attainable Housing

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Housing is the most essential human need. Without a place to live, no individual or family can escape the reliance on subsidized services. Through community data and our efforts in responding to the 2013 flood, Foothills United Way has witnessed how difficult gaining access to attainable housing is for people in our region.

Goals: Foothills United Way is committed to working as a part of ongoing efforts in our region to make stable housing available to everyone. Without a stable place to live, it becomes difficult for kids to become successful in school. With it, families are able to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient more quickly. 

Strategy: Our work in this area highlights the importance of our mission to always operate collaboratively and think upstream. Foothills United Way has partnered with organizations in Boulder and Broomfield counties since 2001 to promote access to attainable housing and financial stability for residents through the Personal Investment Enterprise Program (PIE). Our experience has taught us that housing is an incredibly complex issue involving the needs and interests of many stakeholders across the community. Foothills United Way will draw together those diverse actors to champion a common agenda that ensures everyone in this region has their own place in the community to call home.